Fine tuning camemBERT on custom dataset for intent classification

Hello community! I am trying to use the model CamemBERT for french language in my chatbot project and i have a custom dataset with intents and specific entities. so i’m using the model name camemBert from hg_tranformers and i downloaded a pretrained model for it. My question is how can I fine tune this model in order to perform well on my custom dataset ? do I need to re-trained this model on my dataset or i have to add an extra layer for intent classification ? I am new in using this type of language model. Thank you

You need to check this thread RASA and camemBERT - #16 by khatba hope it will help?

Thann you for your answer! Yes i checked that thread but they only discuss how to use the pretrained model directly in the pipeline, my issue is i don’t want to use the pretrained model untill i fine tune it on my custom dataset . So how do I re-train this model on my dataset before i apply it in my pipeline ?