Filling slots beyond specified data

I am trying to build a command “search for”. My intent gets detected well (~0.8 regularly), but the bot can only search for values I have defined in the intent.

This is a health bot, so if I have to go through and try to add every connotation of “heart attack”, “first aid”, etc, that I need, I can try. But is there a place where I can define an array of values to be considered, or a way to separate the intent words (“search for”, “find information on”, etc), from the words I want to search?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using entities to extract these search terms? You could use a lookup table if you have a limited amount of possible terms. Alternatively you could also try and use a custom action to strip the phrases “search for” and “find information on”, so that you have the search term only.

Riiight. Im trying to modularise the system, because im actually working on 2 bots (one for me, one for work). So the custom action seems to be the best way.

So just to be clear, pass the info through, have an array of terms to remove, then send the rest to my search API?

yes that would work

Thank you for the help :slight_smile: