Fill slots with initial message

So… I have multiple forms, that trigger each other sequentially. It’s kind of building blocks of my assistant and stories define the sequence. What I would be interested in is filling slots of different forms, when the initial message is provided. Is that possible?

I figured out, that I could create a custom action after the initial message and iterate through all mapped entities and manually assign them to slots, but the problem is that validators won’t be triggered then and… That’s not really what I’d like.

Any workarounds for that?

Thanks in advance!

For now, if I would provide some entities from form 2 or form 3 in the first sentence - it won’t be filled. Only slots used in 1st form are filled.

@BarMin can you share some of your slot mappings/definitions that aren’t working? a standard slot being filled by an entity should still get filled and be validated on a later form