Fallback Intent

Hi all,

Until now I have used the FallbackPolicy to utter something like “I’m not sure I understand” when the intent have low confidence. This worked perfectly.

However there is now a new requirement that instead of giving the “unsure message” the bot should ask the user if he would like to log a call to the IT Help Desk.

Below are my two stories, they work 100% if I run them manually but how can I set the “log_incident” intent from an action or the fallback policy?

## log_request_story_01
* log_incident
- utter_affirm_log_incident
* affirm
- action_fetch_user
- slot{"name": "Johannes"}
- slot{"requested_slot": null}
- form_create_incident
- form{"name": "form_create_incident"}
- form{"name": null}

## log_request_story_02
* log_incident
- utter_affirm_log_incident
* deny
- utter_anything_else