Failed to execute custom action with `rasactl connect rasa`

@lucas144 for me it’s not the solution but it’s good your code is working, all my Dockerhub repos are private as you are pushing your code on Dockerhub and anyone can get some information from its so be active on that until then stay safe and enjoy coding.

Hi @nik202! Yes, I know about the security issues of doing it this way. But as I’ve also seen here it should also be possible to use private repositories.

This is how you’ve done it?


@lucas144 I have used docker based approach.

Please close this thread as solution and good luck with your project.

@nik202 I’m also using a docker-based approach, but I wanted to know the specifics about it.

Hi @lucas144,

I’m stuck in the exact same issue as the thread opener and you.
I use Rasa 3.1.2 and Rasa-X 1.1.0.
Could you share the relevant code snippets of your working solution?
My dockerhub image is public but the custom actions endpoint is still not properly configured and can’t be accessed by the rasa-x process (have also been trying many other approaches but none seems to work).

Thank you,