Error when run command rasa x

@firstchn now run rasa x

finally got it nik , really appreciate your help thankyou for your time spending with beginner like me. If i have more problem please help me :slight_smile:

by the way do i need to solve with this error?

@firstchn please close this thread now with the solution for other and congrts.

ok thankyou, lastly how to close thread nik

@firstchn mark solution on this thread Error when run command rasa x - #17 by nik202 for the reference for other user. Thanks.

@nik202 Many thanks for your answer & suggestion!

I tried your approach. I played around with it several times and I unfortunately must say that it’s not a very promising solution to my problem. In general your suggestion did work! I followed all of the steps and rasa x finally was running properly in local mode.

However this approach is not conform with the Compatiblity Matrix of Rasa. Even if you seem to have found a workaround for this (e.g. another sanic version). It nevertheless leads to another problem…

I’ve set up a Kubernetes Cluster on GCP (Rasa OS = 2.8.1 / Rasa X = 0.42.0). I can upload a model trained on the basis of your approach but when starting rasa x on the sever the bot does not respond!

I’m not sure if this is a result of following your approach (different rasa x version locally than on server) or if there is any other problem…

Happy to receive any further feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

@jackpotandy Honestly, your point is right why it’s not working with the rasa-x latest for that you need to approach to rasa team, personally I not work much on Rasa-X my project is working on rasa open source, I explore this solution and with some other users suggestion and come up with this solution and I’m suggesting this only till there is some official update. I don’t tried experimenting much with other rasa-x as per my time and prior office appointments. I neither working on GCP, so can’t comment on that too. But, If I got the chance I will discuss your point with rasa team. I always recommend not to disturb your current working environment, but trust me It’s not because of my suggestion and if because of me I appologies. I only suggested to run on localhost not on server etc. Thanks for the valuable feedback and for your time. - Nik