Error in running this

Command Prompt: pip install -r alt_requirements/requirements_full.txt

Error: no such file or directory

Did you make sure you are in the rasa directory when running the command?

Thanks a lot. I changed the directory

now I have 2 other errors

I uninstalled anaconda and python 3.7

I just have jupyter notebook and python 3.6.8 installed now


Error1: Capture.jpg Error2: Capture2 and Capture3.jpg

I think MITIE library is giving me a problem

For what it’s worth, do you need the MITIE library – are you planning on using Chinese? Otherwise I would just get the spacy requirements if you’re going to use spacy.

You can do that with pip install rasa[spacy]. (see here for more info about pipeline dependencies)

I thought MITIE is for small databases. I have to research more about it then.

Thanks a lot.