Error in "Chat & Voice platforms" documentation page


In Slack section, under code sample of python given under “Directly using python”

The comments say ‘False’ Whereas it should say ‘True’ for below code.

“# set serve_forever=False if you want to keep the server running”

s = agent.handle_channels([input_channel], 5004, serve_forever=False)

Thanks Deepak

This was already fixed in a PR a while back :slight_smile: so it’s in the master version of the docs. Thanks for noticing though, if you spot something like this in the future, it’d be great if you could directly submit a pull request

Yes, I noticed that the correct comment in already in master but somehow it is not reflecting in the website. URL: Connecting to Messaging and Voice Channels Please see attached image

Yeah that’s because you’re on the 0.11.12 version of the docs :slight_smile: in the bottom left corner there’s a button that says “master” where the appropriate changes are reflected