Entitiy extraction from numbers and dates written in Text format in German language

Hello everyone, I am stuck. Is there a way to configure a Rasa 2.0 assistant to extract a number entity from numbers written in German in a text format? For instance: “zweihundertdreiundsiebzig” --> 273 “dreizehn” --> 13 “zwei” --> 2 I’ve researched already and found a suggested solution to use Spacy, but it works for English and doesn’t seem to work for German language.

Can a DIETClassifier be configured to recognize German numbers?

Putting Duckling in the pipeline didn’t help either. Maybe I applied a wrong configuration and modifying it would bring expected results?

Similar question question appiles to dates. How can I make Rasa recognize, for instance, “am 12. Dezember” as a date?

Thanks for your kind suggestions!