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Hello guys, i am more than glad to join Rasa community. Special thanks to the developers and contributors.

Quick question, as seen in the below screenshot. how am i able to add one more column to the json_message? I could include it in the custom but that wouldn’t be very helpful as i want to know the type of action the bot took before de-serializing json into model objects in flutter. I need the key to be included in the same block of recipient_id and custom


Example: “recipient_id”: “1” “apicalled”: “schedule” “custom”: [{…}]

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here :slight_smile:

Sadly, you do have to include it in the custom key.

Maybe something like this?

"custom": [
  { "apicalled": "schedule" },
    "course: "Requirements Engineering",
    "time": "12:00:00",
    "room": "4017"

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print('Like this!')
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Hi ChrisRahme,

Yup, I had to go with this way. thanks for the response and instructions :slight_smile:

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