Does RedisTracker updates more often?

Hey there!

I’m implementing the usage of an external tracker using the RedisTrackerStore class. What’s going on, why I need this: I’m aiming to share a tracker memory resources (its process) between applications i.e. other scripts would have access to a specific DialogueStateTracker context from its Redis entry given its sender_key.

What’s going on: Currently, the Tracker only updates itself in memory when there’s a touch to its Tracker object. Meaning: I don’t have the the latest DialogueStateTracker on Redis all the time because doesn’t save self.tracker_store when it responds to a new message.

What’s the best option here?

I’m reviewing old posts and it’s fun (and confusing) to read this haha. Update: this was a misconception on how Redis worked on my part. It turns out that the (old) DialogueStateTracker object it’s actually the object placed on shared-memory. That way, every time you look at a tracker entry on memory, it’ll be its latest and current position. Containing the chain of events up until the latest event. As in a stack