Does Rasa work with Windows or not?

If it doesn’t work on Windows then please remove the tabs for other OS’s on the Step-by-step instructions page so people don’t have to struggle for hours needlessly!

Hey @WinUser, it works for windows, you can check it here:

Yeah, I watched it and as I expected it didn’t work to install Rasa. The command prompt doesn’t recognize the instructions that I type.

I guess the question is, what instructions are you typing?

I’ve been doing all of my development on Windows 10 with both a generic Command Prompt as well as Cmder, a command prompt shell replacement.

What do you get when you run each of the following:

  • python --version
  • pip3 --version
  • rasa --version

I have of course typed the instructions given on the instruction page as well as shown in the video.

After looking into this some more I realize that there needs to be something installed before Windows can understand it.

What do I need to install so Windows can understand “pip install rasa” for instance?

I keep getting the error “pip is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”.

You need python. But I recommend something that lets you use environments, like Anaconda. You should also use a gui, like anaconda navigator.

I found out the problem was with the Python installer. It didn’t set up the path environment correctly. Had to re-install it several times to get it to work.

But now I’m having problems with step 2. Following the instructions here doesn’t work either, so I feel this is too much for me to mess with. Maybe some other time. :-p