Dispatcher not working on server using Docker

Hi everyone,

we’re currently trying to get rasa running on a server using docker.

We have actions and core running in containers with docker-compose (as described in the rasa docs) and a frontend in a separate container.

The issue is that although the actions are triggered (verfied by logging), the dispatcher from the triggered action does not send back to the use/core and thus nothing appears in the frontend.

Neither dispatcher method works (utter_message, utter_template…)

As a workaround we have the actions return BotUttered (which works just fine). However, that way we’re not able to utter any templates stored in our domain file.

Any suggestions what we might be doing wrong? Has anybody encountered a similar problem?

Note: We’re using a rest webhook.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Jes

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I think something is down in the docker-compose used by Rasa X. I’ve been struggling with this problem since this morning

I’m struggling with the same problem since days

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Are you on Rasa 1.5.1 as well?

Updating rasa and rasa-sdk to 1.6.1 resolved the issue

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