Dispaly images in text messages

Hi all,
I would like to know whether is possible to insert images “in the middle” of text messages, not only at the end.
At example:
dispatcher.utter_message("you've ordered 2x{hamburger_image} and 1x{beer_image}")

you can send multiple messages i suppose.

not sure if you insert image in the middle of a sentence you can use conjuctions like “and”, so pretty there are two messages here. utter two messages back, this way you will have your image popping up before the second part of the sentence.

Thanks @souvikg10 ,
My aim was to display images next to text, possibly not under it.
It could be possible to insert newline /n in the utter_message()'s text?

yeah however parsing newline depends on your channel.

Ok, could you show me an example please ?

Hi @SimoCanc

You can also give a try to emojis. They are supported in text.