Disable a form by custom actions

Hi, how do i disable a form by custom actions? I’m working with chitchat and I’m not able to disable the form

duv form2 form3

Can you elaborate on what isn’t working? Is it asking for the next slot?

One problem is that your validate_qtd method needs to return a dict of slots and their values, rather than a list of events, like so:

def validate_qtd
    return {"requested_slot": None, "libera_compra": False}

This may already fix it. Also, see this part of the documentation, if you haven’t already (if you have, and are still confused, then feedback from you on could help us improve!).

Hi, so what i need and i am not able to do is: if the person informs something other than numbers the system sends a msg if he wants to continue. With this change that you sent me, he turned it off. Tks but now I have to run interactive mode to know why it’s uploading a new image.