Demo McDonald's Order Bot

(Nathan Stratton) #1

Special thanks to my hard-working guys at Vocinity, Inc. Taha, Muneeb, and Abdul.

(Juste) #2

Looks awesome @sipvoip! Looking forward to hearing more about it at the meetup in NYC!

(Neeraj26jan) #3

It seems really very natural.

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(Nathan Stratton) #4


(刘新毅) #6

hi,I am a beginner.I want to know Where is the data used by rasa? In what form is it stored, is it binary or something else?

(Nathan Stratton) #7

Data is stored in and, with lookup tables being used for menu items and condiments.

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(刘新毅) #8

Ok, thank you for your reply.

(Datisto) #9

May I ask how you managed the NER? You have a lot of custom product names and specification like Coke (light Ice) and I wonder how you have trained the NER for that.

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(Tahamr83) #10

There are two different entities for the product name and any “special instruction” you want to capture with the product. Its something like “I’ll have a [coke](menu_item) and please [no ice](special_instruction)”

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(Souvik Ghosh) #11

Really cool!

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(Rufus the Red) #12

There goes my old job!

(Datisto) #13

Have you managed that with NER_CRF or did you used a custom NER?

(JoshK) #14

Wow, tried once from the order app on apknite, but this seem work great. Thanks so much.

(Tahamr83) #15

Just plain NER_CRF

(Nishet Vyas) #16

@sipvoip Hello Sir, it’s a nice rasa chatbot. Can you please tell me how to make ui for this? If Possible can you give me a links ya any doc ya any idea for how make ui for chatbot? Thanks in advance.

(Anurag) #17

Great work! Could you please tell us how you managed the slots and how many actions did you make? Did you use forms? I would like to have an idea of the overview so that I can put together a similar concierge bot for e-commerce.