Date identification

I have requirement in which I have to identify quarter from text.

I have used spacy and duckling for date identification. Sometime it identify the text correctly and but some time it fail.

I have text like first quarter of 2017, Q2 of 2018 and q4 of 2017 is there any way that can help me in identifying this. Also, I have text like first and third quarter of 2017.

You could train ner_crf to identify the quarters and then combine the these with the duckling results in a custom actions. I would also use synonyms to map different terms for quarters to them same thing. E.g. “first quarter” should probably be the same as “Q1”.

Your annotations would be something like

## intent:some_intent
- [first quarter](quarter) of 2017,
- [Q2](quarter) of 2018 

You mean to say I would create entity in my train request and based on that identify quarter from query text right?

Yes :+1: