Data preparation for chatbot

I am trying to make a chatbot but I only have un-structure text data. How can I proceed in this situation. Is there any ways that can help me to make a bot? The data is like a description of any product in the form of general reading. let’s say following paragraph.

  • Packaging unit

A packaging unit is used to combine a certain quantity of identical items to form a group. The quantity specified here is then used when printing the item labels so that you do not have to label items individually when the items are not managed by serial number or by batch. You can also specify the dimensions of the packaging unit here and enable and disable them separately for each item.

  • It is possible to store several EAN numbers per packaging unit since these numbers may differ for each packaging unit even when the packaging units are identical. These settings can be found on the Miscellaneous tab:

There are also two more settings in the system settings that are relevant to mobile data entry:

  • When creating a new item, the item label should be printed automatically. For this reason, we have added the option ‘Print item label when creating new storage locations’ to the settings. When using mobile data entry devices, every item should be assigned to a storage location, where an item label is subsequently printed that should be applied to the shelf in the warehouse to help identify the item faster.

how to make the bot from such a data any lead would be highly appreciated. Thanks