Custom Tracker not being found in docker image

Custom tracker is giving an error: not found when building a docker image.

UserWarning: Tracker store with type ‘’ not found. Using InMemoryTrackerStore instead.

endpoints.yml tracker_store: type: mongo_tracker.mongo_tracker

inside class mongo_tracker(TrackerStore) is declared.

It is connecting to the custom tracker when running locally but giving this error when running it in a docker image

Did the file in your docker container?

Yup, i can see the in the docker container. I think the issue is in getting the path when it is inside a docker container.

you can run ls /usr/src/app/mongo_tracker to make sure the file path is ok.

I ran the exec -it commands and was able to open a bash terminal inside the docker container and was able to see that the file is present.

But it is not getting found when calling from rasa endpoints.yml