Custom NLP Component: Access Pipeline in __init__ when starting model

Hello together

I realized a custom NLP component, which is first in the Pipeline. Everything works fine, just when starting a trained model I would like get some parameters from the Pipeline during function init. When I log the component_config I do not see the current pipeline configuration, just the name of my custom component.

def init(self, component_config=None):
super(DeCustomNlp, self).init(component_config)

Is there any best way to get the current pipeline in python during init or should I call “curl localhost:5000/config” in order to catch the current pipeline?

Thanks in advance!

What do you mean exactly? the current component is surely the custom one you defined?

Hi, the problem I have is following:

In the pipeline i defined parameters for my custom component, is there any way to access the values of these parameters during init over the NLU APIs?