Custom action not working in Rasa 2.0

Hi, I have installed Rasa 2.0 . My story includes one custom action but its not returning the output from custom action. When I use --debug, it doesn’t show the custom action in prediction as well. My endpoint.yml has endpoint defined in it and my action server is running succesfully. This working good in my Rasa 1.10. Is there any additional step to follow for running custom actions in 2.0?

I had the same issue while making a form validation, it doesn’t return the template I set for the wrong input in the actions. Please rasa Team help

@pitoulambert, it has been resolved for me . In 1.X we can train NLU for entities e.g. “[[Dublin]]”((city))". I was following same in 2.0. When I removed it from NLU, the custom action started working. I hope this helps.

@poojadeshmukh Could you please send me some screens please. I tried the docs but still not able to do that