Custom Action: Must agree to GDPR before starting conversation

Hey everyone,

I am trying to get the bot to start the conversation with a text and “I agree to the GDPRs” button. Before the user has clicked that button, the bot shouldn’t engage in any actions.

I am using the webchat and send a /get_started intent so that I can start a costum action at the beginning of each session. But I dont know how to create a blocker untilt he button has been clicked.

Some people must have come across the same problem :slight_smile: ? Thanks!

Hi @MichaelSpring! Perhaps you could use a form that will only advance once a GDPR agreement slot is filled?

Hello Michael, did you already manage to do that? I am facing the same problem right now, but I am having an android client instead of the mr-bot-widget.

Hey Karin,

we solved it not by back end with slots or so but by “greying” out the writing area before the “yes” button has been clicked. So more of a front end solution. If you want, I can ask my colleague how exactly to do that.

I also solved it now on frontend side. Thanks for the idea.