Creating Entities Dynamically

I am creating a bot for searching products in an e-commerce site. There is a question where the user is asked to tell what features he wants. The features may vary and depend on the product, which I ask for in a previous question. The product catalogue may be updated as well which doesn’t allow me to add all possible features in entity synonyms or a lookup table.

Is there a way for me to define new entities in Custom Actions? For reference, I’m looking for something similar to Session Entities in DialogFlow. Link: Session entities

Hi @sudhanshu, That is an interesting case.

I think you should look at using a List Slot

And then collect the product features to store in the list slot using a Form.

In your FormAction, which is a special kind of custom action, you can first pull the available product features from the catalog, and then ask the user what features are of interest.

I will have to think a bit more how it would look in detail, but this would be my first thought.

Thanks, Arjaan. I will try your suggested approach. Can I ask multiple questions withing the same slot filling utterance? If yes, can you please help me with it?