Creating Bot - extracting information from pdfs

Hi Team,

I am planning to create a chat bot. The bot takes the User input and search through database/pdfs and retrieve the necessary information and email to the end user. I am a completely newbie. Please guide,

Thanks, Srini

Hi @sriprad, what kind of guidance you need. Question was not clear. Do you want to the flow of it or how to do it.

You can do this using custom actions basically.

Feel free to reach me for any more doubts Uday

Hi @ChikkaUdayaSai,

Thank you for the reply. I would like to understand the flow and how to do it.

Regards, Srinivas

This is how the flow should be:

  1. First of all you create a form to collect the data from the user.
  2. Once you get the sufficient information from the user, in the submit method of form logic you have to write a wrapper to fetch the data from the database. You can use sqlite for initial stages as it does not require good setup. And use sqlite 3 for performing CRUD operations.
  3. Once you fetch the data, you can use Twilio Sendgrid mailing service to send an email to the user. You need to signup for sendgrid and get API key from them. Their API support several languages and python is one of them. I have been Sendgrid longtime now and have no issues with it.Basically, this mailing part you can create another function and call that from form submit method.

Thanks, Uday.

Hi @ChikkaUdayaSai,

Thank you really helpful. Do you suggest to you use python?

Cheers, Srinivas

Hi @ChikkaUdayaSai,

what skill set one need to perform this? Please let me know,

Cheers, Srinivas

Yes. Obviously Python knowledge is sufficient to do this. Apart from that, working with Rest API, SQL is a plus.

Thank you @ChikkaUdayaSai . Can you please share any sample work done on this or any link where i can look into it to have a start?


@sriprad, the work that I have done can’t be shared to open network but I can help you in setting up the same. Reach out me here

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@ChikkaUdayaSai thanks. I can understand. I have sent you the request.

Yeah. We will definitely work on that.