Conversation confusion error

(Abhishak Varshney) #1

I am facing issue that when I type “hi man” it is replying me with greet action like"hello" but when I type “hi man…” it is giving me some other action like “You can purchase this from here”. Else it is working fine, I think it got confused with the … after “hi man”. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

(Caleb M Keller) #2

I would recommend adding the hi man... example to your training data and seeing if that improves things.

In general that’s the loop for chatbots. You add training data and either you test It or let your users use it. Meanwhile you are watching their inputs and whether they are getting correctly/incorrectly classified. For ones that aren’t classified correctly you add it to the training data and test to see if that improves things. Keep doing that loop until you’ve got the results you want.