Controlling chat from UI

Hi All,

Currently I am working on setting up RASA for HR and IT datasets for our company. I am done with setting up with stories,intents and reponses. Now I need to control these datasets from UI like On UI if I select HR India then it should work with HR India dataset and if I select HR US then it should work with HR US dataset. Same goes with IT dataset as well.

Seeking your expertise on this. Cheers!!

Why have you created them as separate datasets? I would try to use a single repo and dataset to make it easier to maintain.

my bad, its the same dataset, now i want to control the reponses based on UI filter.

You can pass whatever info you need from the UI as metadata via the REST channel. For example:

  "sender": "123",
  "message": "hey",
  "metadata": {
    "location": "India",
    "organization": "IT"

Then, in your action code setup a custom action_session_start and retrieve your metadata via the special slot:

metadata = tracker.get_slot("session_started_metadata")