Confirm pizza toppings from database


I am working on an example with pizza ordering chatbot. I have a few predefined pizzas and I want to confirm all toppings with the user and let them confirm or decline the toppings.

Any idea how to make this happen?

@alib022 can you please elaborate more with the suitable examples. Thanks.

Thanks for the response.

Here is the situation:

I have a list of 3 different pizzas with pre-defined toppings in the database (the number of toppings is different for each pizza). I ask the user which pizza they want by name and load that from database (this part is easy)

After loading the toppings of that specific pizza from the database, I want to confirm with users if they want all of those toppings by going over them one by one and follow by a yes/no question. And if they say no, I make a custom order for them.

This would be super easy if I can make a custom form action to loop through toppings and have a yes/no action called from the action itself. But since thatโ€™s not possible, what would be the solution for this?