Config for named entity recognition and dates and time

Hey guys I need to add ner to my bot so that questions like!

Q. How is Akshit doing today?

questions like these get picked up with “Akshit” as a name and “today” as a time entity. I’m adding ner_spacy and ner_crf but i’m only getting those names picked up that are there in my NLU.

Do I have to add all possible names in Nlu? I tried to add a lot of names in a lookup table but nlu is not linking to the table. Only those names which are there in my nlu data are getting out. How can I solve this?

Also for time like “today/tommorow/last month” what should I do to get these out as entity and converted into a “ymd” format?



Can you show how you linked the lookup table? I’ve recently done it and it works perfectly. Even I use it to capture names.

You can use the datetime package of python to convert today/tommorow/last month to ymd format.

lookup table is just a txt file with name entered in a newline like:




Prakhar … (there is no space in between names it’s just this editor :slight_smile: )

and i’m converting time with using the datetime but my ques is how can i get it as an entity?like how can i save it as a slot. which pipeline i have to use to get time data out?

I’m not sure what is wrong, I just followed the RASA docs to set up my lookup table, it’s working.

To give an example:

## intent:inform
    - [Ram](PERSON)
    - [Nathan](PERSON)
    - [Arya](PERSON)
    - [Glaedr](PERSON)
    - [Felurian](PERSON)

## lookup:PERSON

The DATE entity from ner_spacy does a good job in capturing dates, days and phrases like today, tomorrow etc. Even there is a TIME entity extractor. Is this what you’re asking?

how to get time and date entity?