CollectingOutputChannel doesn't collect dispatcher messages

When using CollectingOutputChannel to collect messages, it doesn’t work with dispatch messages inside actions,

out_channel = CollectingOutputChannel()
user_msg = UserMessage(text, out_channel, sender_id)
payload = on_new_message(user_msg)

payload doesn’t have dispatched messages from actions.

Yes so dispatched messages from inside actions don’t actually get logged in the tracker. What exactly are you trying to do with this?

It’s because we want to send actual response back to user, but that’s seems to be resolved with the master branch.

The question is in which way tracker events will be send? if your solution is using output channel, it doesn’t work, please see the architectural design problem reported here

Oops, somehow we overlooked this issue, sorry! I’ll make sure someone gets back to you about that on there :slight_smile:

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