Cant we skip and jump to some intent within a story

For example, I have a story:

happy path no relevant audience

  • greet
    • utter_greet
  • recommend_session
    • utter_ask_relevant_audience
  • inform{“relevant_audience”:“Data Scientists”}
    • action_recommend_session
    • slot{“speaker”:“Justina”}
    • slot{“length”:“5 min”}
    • slot{“abstract”:“Workshop on chatbots”}
  • length
    • utter_length
  • speaker
    • utter_speaker
  • thanks
    • utter_thanks

Now while chatting once inform intent is fulfilled, I want to jump to speaker intent instead of length.

When I am trying chat is replying in the same order Here is the chat

Your bot is ready to talk! Type your messages here or send ‘stop’/n


Hey! I am a conference assistant. I can help you find the sessions to attend, or answer conference-/n related questions.

What presentation would you recommend to [data scientists]

What would be the relevant audience?

data scientists

I would recommend you attend: Something


The session is 5 hours :frowning:

sure. Bye

The speaker is Tanmay.

Here, after getting the relevant audience when I m saying thanks why is it not skipping other intents

Hi tanman.sinha,

how many stories do you have? Your bot probably does not have enough training data to generalize this yet. Try to include as many variations as you can. When you’re first training and testing it use interactive learning, that way you can tell the bot straight away if it’s wrong.

Does it need to be exhaustive list…suppose I have written a story in which 4 slots need to be filled, It can be filled in any order so do i need to add all the possible combinations?

I don’t think you need all permutations. That being said, more training data is a good thing (most of the time). Also if you need the slots to be filled you might want to use a form.