Can't find on Openshift deployment

Using the community edition and the instructions here I’ve got the services up and running. I can hit the nginx service at the route I created, but can not log in with any user. Step 22 states to use the terminal of rasa-x pod and cd to scripts and run the python script I don’t see a scripts directory. I mounted an app/scripts and a root /scripts directory and redeployed, to see if anything would be written there, but I don’t see anything.

A couple of notes I needed to update the rasa dockerfile for production and worker so that it chmod 777 the /app directory because I was getting a denied error when it was trying to write to the logs, so perhaps there is something similar going on with the rasa-x deplyoment but it is not being logged?

Hi @jcoo welcome to the community! So the Openshift/k8 documentation refers to the enterprise installation mostly. You can’t use the scripts to create users, there’s just one master password to log in

As for the chmod 777, that’s part of the installation script so that shouldn’t be a problem I don’t think. In general it shouldn’t be necessary on openshift anyways

Great thanks that makes sense…so is there documentation for the CE edition? What is the master password?

Asking for this again, I’ve tried some basic password combo’s but can’t get anything to log into the rasa x login page running the docker image on Openshift