Can you use variables in custom rasa responses?

Hey everyone,

I am not sure whether you can use variables in custom rasa responses. I am successfully able to use variables in the “text” section, but when i move them into the “custom” section and click save, the values change to null.

In the picture above I have what I am trying to accomplish. It seems I can only use {variables} within the “text” section of a rasa response. Is there a way to use a {variable} in the “custom” section of the rasa response?

Hey @kivey. This should be possible as far as I know! Which version of Rasa Open Source does your rasa x instance use, and does it work in that rasa open source version without rasa x? It might be that there is a bug in how rasa x prints the response.

Hi, I’m having the same issue with Rasa Open Source 2.8.7. Variables work in the text section, but in the custom section of a response it’s “null”. Should this work? If not, what are the alernatives to returning a slot or entity in a JSON response? Write a custom action?