Can the bot start the conversation?

I’m trying to develop a motion activate voice bot. Is seems all the stories and rules start with the user input. If there a way to have the bot to start asking a question to the user when it detects him? Thanks, SC

@drindrin Hey! can I asked what is your front end for rasa open source?

I’m developing with unity and C#…is that what you are asking ?

@drindrin I am asking what the user will see, GUI, the chat bot screen?

Yes, you can automatically post a message to a conversation as an intent (payload) or message to the server when the application starts, as if the user sent it, which executes an action as an answer.

You can also request to execute a custom action.

Thanks …it seems complicated but I will try both ways.

a screen

@drindrin Not get you?

It’s not complicated.

Easiest way to do it - Send a message: You surely have some sort of send(message) function in your application; at the start of your application just execute send("Hello") or whatever intent you want to trigger your response.

ahh ok ! it’s easy sending a message with an intent …thanks a lot.

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You’re welcome!

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