Can rasa deal with domain jargons?

Hi, how does RASA deal with domain jargon/terminologies, for example, if I am building a bot for a medical or financial usecase, do I have to provide a jargon list or something?

@syedhussain I don’t get you what is the need for Jargon if you are using a medical or financial bot, as the audience or end-user should be aware of all the terms on which your bot is trained. Can you give us more examples for your use case, please?

@syedhussain If you want to provide the meaning, you can mention it in your response for your particular respons only.

I hope this will give you more clarity, if you want to discuss more please feel free to discuss.

If it helps, you can define Synonyms

@nik202 the question is that for example if person who is interacting with the bot uses a medical terminology, how will the bot deal with it?, will i have to train the bots on these medical jargons?

@syedhussain yes, you need to train the bot based on medical or financial terminology as bot will not recognised and it will enter into fallback; as suggested by Chris you can use Synonyms for that; example:

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) or BMI or Body Mass Index
  2. Hypertension : High blood pressure
  3. Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea : Waking at night breathless

So, you can mention these terms in synonyms

- synonym: Hypertension
  examples: |
    - Hypertension
    - High blood pressure

@nik202 Thanks.

@syedhussain happy to help you! Good Luck!