Can I use the active form as a conditional checkpoint

How could I have a conditional checkpoint that only works if the active form is my_form?

With conditional checkpoint, I can do something like:

## some story

my_checkpoint{“my_slot”: true}

  • some_intent
    • some_action

But I cannot do > my_checkpoint{"form": "my_form"} as form is not a slot.

Any suggestion? Thanks a lot! Nicolas

hi @nbeuchat - can you give a bit more background on what you are trying to achieve? I would generally advise against using checkpoints at all. If you have conditional logic you want to express, I would suggest to contain that within a form

Hi Alan, thanks for your reply and happy to provide more background!

We use several forms in our bot (for example preferences_form, contact_form, scheduling_form, etc.). The problem comes with handling unhappy paths for each of these forms.

## within form contact
> within_form_contact
  - form{"name": "form_contact"}
> within_form_contact_unhappy
> back_from_within_form_contact

## ask_location - data is set (there are dozen like this)
> within_form_contact_unhappy
* ask_location{"slug": "XYZ"}
  - action_answer_location
  - form_contact
> back_from_within_form_contact

I would prefer to have a single > faq checkpoint but the problem is that we wouldn’t be able to add form_contact again unless we can come back from the faq checkpoint knowing in which form we were.

I know it’s over-using checkpoints but I cannot find a good alternative right now.

Do you have any recommendations? Thanks so much! Nicolas