Can I track user interactions with Rasa + slack API?

Hi, I’m thinking about how far can I go with the interactions with users. Two features that would help me would be for example:

  • Know if some user opened a window, and start typing
  • Gather data/analytics from users in the workspace

Would that be possible?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Rasa handles a text input and gives an output according to the detected intent.

Opening a new window is completely unrelated to Rasa. You will have to find a way to send a signal to Rasa when this happens, maybe via a payload like /inform{"window_opened":}, with inform being an intent and window_opened a slot and entity.

More info about payloads in the docs.

Rasa X has an analytics feature that lets you sort conversations by intent, entities, channel, and more. Read more in the docs.

Rasa 3.0 also has a brand-new experimental feature called Markers.

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Thank you! I’ll have a look at it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Was your issue solved?

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Thank you once again Chris. :slight_smile:

I was having some trouble following documentation, but I’ve found out that the videos on RASA youtube channel are great so I’m doing fine now, no silly questions for a while haha.


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