Botkit channel?

Is there already a Connector for Botkit? I want give Botkit a try to use some nice dashboards like Rasa UI which does not work for me…

There is Rasa NLU connector to Botkit middleware but not Rasa core. We have our custom for the moment

you can update the code to add rasa core connector to it, usually a http request to rasa core /parse and /continue OR you can simply call /respond API


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Can you point to those API Docs? I have been searching for this for a while and Can’t seem to find it in the rasa docs.

I found this API reference HTTP API But this only explains the Rasa NLU API endpoints. Also, Rasa is now on version 1.1.7 and I think the HTTP /parse and /respond may have been updated.

I have been struggling with this for a while. I had a Rasa NLU and Botkit bot running fine with the community botkit-rasa middleware. However, since I updated rasa to the lastest version the middleware keeps throwing this error: Unhandled rejection StatusCodeError: 404 - "Error: Requested URL /parse not found"

So I think maybe Rasa changed the API format.