Bot forgets to identify intent after other intent is involved

I have two intents with a custom action and a few other intents without actions. Here is a conversation and some comments to show the problem (translated to English for understanding):

  • Your input -> hi
  • Hi! How can I help you?
  • Your input -> what day is today? //intent with custom action
  • Today is Saturday. // intent correctly identified as [get_day_of_week]
  • Your input -> tell me a joke //intent with custom action
  • Knock knock, who’s there? Chuck Norris! Chuck Norris who? Sorry, joke is over when Chuck Norris gets involved!
  • Your input -> what day is today? // same question as above
  • Goodbye! // intent incorrectly identified as [goodbye]
  • Your input -> hi
  • Hi!
  • Your input -> what day is today? // same question as above
  • Today is Saturday. // intent once again correctly identified as [get_day_of_week]

Any time the other custom action intent is involved, the program loses its shit and starts misinterpreting other intents what it previously recognized correctly. And if after this misinterpretation phase I call an intent that has no custom action, and then I ask the custom action again, it properly identifies it once again. Why does this happen?

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@amn41 could you take a look at this please? Is this a bug or is there something I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

@ggabor I don’t think your intents are getting misclassified, but rather actions are getting predicted incorrectly. I would suggest you use the --debug flag with the run command to see what’s going on. It’s likely you don’ t have enough story combinations written yet