Boolean slots


We developed a bot using rasa nlu and core which runs fine locally. When we try to use the RASA Docker image and to copy files to the docker image we get an error with the boolean slots.

The run command looks like this :

docker run --mount type=bind,source="/root/models/dialogue",target=/app/dialogue --mount type=bind,source="/root/projects/default/current",target=/app/nlu rasa/rasa_core

The domain contains 2 boolean slots :

    type: bool
    type: bool

The Error message looks like this :

It seems to work by adding the requested “slots_ask_comment_1”. But did you have any similar experience with the docker image and the boolean slots ?

are you using the same rasa_core versions on both? because there was a change made as to how boolean slots work between 0.11.x and master of Core