Big annoying log message when loading domain

Hi, I am playing around with domains because I need to manage the data surrounding the bot properly, and whenever I make a call to the merge function of the domain class, I get a huge (I mean, HUGE) log message :

 [15:00:11] [] [DEBUG] [Line Number : 1882] loaded modules: ['builtins', 'sys', '_frozen_importlib', ...

spanning over hundreds of lines. It is completely useless, so it would be nice if we could make it disappear so I could see the rest of the (much more relevant) logs when running this command. It doesn’t seem to come directly from Rasa but rather from something Rasa imported. I gave it a try for a few hours but I get lost in the code and I am not that familiar with the logging structure of Rasa. Does anyone know why this happens, and how we could try to fix it? That would be absolutely fantastic.


Hey @PatrickDS, I’ve never seen this issue before. If possible could you provide the entire output including the commands (maybe in an attachment if its so long :sweat_smile:) and any custom code you’re running so we can try to replicate it or find the source?