Best way to handoff to human


I am struggling to find the best way to handoff to a human. I’m not having problems with Rasa per se, since I can send a handoff that gets detected by a modified version of Jitesh’s widget.

I managed to make a handoff between two bots, but what I need is to do it from the bot to a randomly assigned person.

The problem is opening a communication between that client and one of many employees, aka, building a chatting application for the employee’s side.

I know this is not a Rasa problem, but I’m just wondering if anyone has a solution.

Using only JavaScript, is it possible to send the data from both the client and employee side to a database, which updates the apps every second for example? Is there a better way to do it that involves PHP?

Seems like a good candidate for proxying a request to a slack channel inside the company. The slack api is very easy to use and well documented if you decide to give that a try.

Here are their api docs: [Using the Slack Web API | Slack](Slack API Docs)

Let us know what you end up doing! :slight_smile:

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Curious if you found a solution @ChrisRahme yet, as this is exactly what I am trying to do this week. I would be glad to collaborate together if you are in progress or still need help too.


What I did was sending a message on a Slack Channel with the details needed to contact the user as well as the slot values.

I didn’t find a solution to make the clients and employees talk on the same interface as the bot, and I don’t have time to implement that feature by the end of my project since I need to write a report by the end of the week.

But if you ever find out how to do it, please share, it would be awesome to know anyway!

And are you also using Jitesh’s widget?

Ah too bad, I am working through it today for a demo Monday (fingers crossed)

I am using GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront for now. I searched for Jitesh’s just now and got a 404 from Github, so IDK where it is

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Here it is!

hey i am struggling from 10 days for this have you found any solution for this

I am working on using Chatwoot this week to be the live agent software, and Chatwoot would integrate with Rasa server-to-server. There is some complexity that I have not solved yet, but hope to finish this week.

I have it working locally, but deploying to Heroku has given me trouble