[Anon:DSL] Bot language

What is this ?

In short this is Domain Specific Language (DSL) for Rasa and can be used to generate all the required Rasa-files that you use to train your chatbot.

Bot language

Would welcome feedback … it is still beta …

What do you get i.e. Features …

  1. Programming language feel
  2. Ability to split/combine subprojects
  3. Automatic update/sync of domain.yml : intent,actions …
  4. In stories you can directly use strings which will automatically become utterances
  5. Merging .yaml files

Example :

 story happy_path :
    greet       >  utter_greet
 >> mood_great  > utter_happy;

say greet: Hey!, How are you?, howdy !;

say cheer_up: {text: "Here is something to cheer you up:", image: "https://i.imgur.com/nGF1K8f.jpg" };

utter did_that_help: Did that help you?;

utter happy: "Great, carry on!";
utter goodbye: Bye;
utter iamabot: I am a bot.;

intent affirm : yes, indeed, of course, that sounds good, correct, ok;

intent bot_challenge :
  are you a bot?,
  are you a human?,
  am I talking to a bot?,
  am I talking to a human?;

intent deny : no, never,
  "I don't think so", "don't like that", no way, not really;

intent goodbye : bye, goodbye, see you around, see you later;

intent greet : hey, hello, hi,
  good morning, good evening, hey there, howdy;

intent mood_great :
  perfect, very good, great, amazing, wonderful,
  I am feeling very good, I am great, "I'm good", "i'm fine", so cool;

intent mood_unhappy :
  sad, very sad, unhappy, bad, very bad, awful,
  terrible, not very good, extremely sad, so sad;