AllSlotReset vs Restarted

What’s the difference between AllSlotReset and Restarted? From the documentation, it seems like they are the same thing. Can someone put some light on this?

i think if you do Restart, the tracker object for the user is emptied, that means the conversation with the bot is set to beginning means bot won’t know what were the past intents or actions taken, however AllSlotReset simply resets any slots that have been previously filled but the bot still understands that there is a conversation with the user that is taking place.

@akelad correct me if i am wrong

@souvikg10 I think you are right in this point. But, although in theory should be in this way, I’m facing with situations with it looks like It’s not restarted at all. I mean, a situation when it doesn’t fail when you initialize the bot it’s failing after some interactions and restarts. Any idea of why can it be?