Add new Http request

hey is it possible to add new HTTP request to rasa project by using flask? thanks

@youtos06 Welcome to the forum!

What kind of request do you have in mind?

If you are saying “rasa project” you mean that you would like to add a new request next to the ones that can be found here? All those endpoints are defined in rasa/ at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub. As you see in the code we are using Sanic and not flask.

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hey @Tanja thanks a lot for your response and kindness,

in fact i wanna add a new Http request to the one declared in the http api by rasa! i wanna have more manipulation to the chatbot by an external user using rest requests. by " rasa project " i meant the “rasa init” project we create , i m trying to avoid adding new lines to just in case there would be an upgrade. so is there a way to add that into the rasa init project or we ll need to pass by the ?

Sorry, but I don’t think it is possible without modifying the code in Feel free to create a fork and update the code on that fork.

What exactly do you want to add? If it is a request that might be interesting for more users, we can discuss adding it to the official Rasa codebase. However, if it is a specific request you need for your project, I guess we will not add it.

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