Add for Rasax on Server With Domain (docker-compose)


I just tried it out and it worked for my side. Did you docker-compose down and up it again?

Can you also post the logs of the app container here?

You can do this by using sudo docker logs <your foldername>_app_1

For mine, my folder name is rasa_x, to get the logs: sudo docker logs rasa_x_app_1

Here are the logs which shows that the action server is running correctly

2021-05-12 01:52:35 INFO     rasa_sdk.endpoint  - Starting action endpoint server...
2021-05-12 01:52:35 INFO     rasa_sdk.executor  - Registered function for 'action_hello_world'.
2021-05-12 01:52:35 INFO     rasa_sdk.endpoint  - Action endpoint is up and running on

Hope it helps!

[Edit] I created a new thread just now to guide new users to set up action server with RASA X and to gather some advice from the experts. Hope it helps!