Action listen after two stage fallback

Hello, I don’t understand why the bot ALWAYS activates action_listen after the two stage fallback ends when I explicitly specify I want utter_out_of_scope. Here are my rules.yml


  • rule: Implementation of the Two-Stage-Fallback steps:

    • intent: nlu_fallback
    • action: action_two_stage_fallback
    • active_loop: action_two_stage_fallback
  • rule: out-of-scope steps:

    • intent: out_of_scope
    • action: utter_out_of_scope
  • rule: Submit form condition:

    • active_loop: action_two_stage_fallback steps:
    • action: action_two_stage_fallback
    • active_loop: null
    • action: utter_out_of_scope

It drives my crazy

Hey @liloup1789,

This is happening because action_two_stage_fallback is a default action where the form is submitted in the code vs in your rules. There’s a way to overwrite default actions listed in that link but I was also curious on what you’re trying to accomplish? In my bot, if the two stage fallback is wrong and I reply no, that automatically gives my out of scope response.

Hello, In my case, when the two stage fallback fails (twice), it generates :

Action ‘action_two_stage_fallback’ ended with events ‘[< object at 0x7f4ee0111bd0>, < object at 0x7f4eb87c1050>]’.

and then

Predicted next action ‘action_listen’ with confidence 1.00.

it’s so annoying haha

So you are just trying to send your out of scope message if they answer no on the first stage of fallback, right? If so, can you try commenting out your submit rule?

If not, can you further explain what your desired behavior is along with the rasa version you’re using and the full traceback of the conversation?

Hello, I also encountered the same problem. Have you solved it?