Accent not supported in rasa x stories

Hi. I am working on a bot in French language for which I use a spacy-based pipeline. While I can define the values of an entity using accent marks in domain file, it seems that rasa-x does not support those entities as long as they present accents. For illustration, I have an entity defined in the domain as follows:

excerpt from the domain file:

- member
    type: rasa.shared.core.slots.CategoricalSlot
    initial_value: null
    auto_fill: true
    influence_conversation: true
    - père
    - mère

entity with accent mark cannot be saved in rasa x (observed in the stories and interactive pages)

replacing accent with unicode seems to work but I am not sure if that is the way to go about it. Also those errors do not show up outside of rasa x interface.

Thanks in advance for tips and explanations on this type of problem.

The above problem comes from what we believe is a bug in the storyReader ( in which the utf-8 encoding is not specified. Our fix solve the problem. How should we go about making this change in Rasa open source? Can someone please let me know how where should I submit the bug fix? Thanks