About Rasa and Aimybox tutorial

Hi everyone! I followed the “How to Build a Mobile Voice Assistant with Open Source Rasa and Aimybox” tutorial in the Rasa blog, and I succeded on building and running the voice assistant in my android device, but I want to know if there is a way to use Aimybox without using ngrok, or if you recommend to paid for a permanent url in ngrok to deploy the assistant (once it has passed the testing phase), or use another service (as Amazon AWS) to mantain permanently accesible the assistant to potencial users. Or, there is another way to build a mobile Rasa powered chatbot? Sorry if this post is in some way unclear, english is not my native language and also I’m a hobbyst programer :sweat_smile: Hope you can share your opinions and experience! :smiley: Thank you!