404 error page not found

@Chris98106 after deployment of my docker image on the server, Rasa GUI web page is not starting as i m getting the 404 error page not found.

kl rasa-app-5bf69c7b6b-m9hhb Error from server (BadRequest): container “rasa-x” in pod “rasa-app-5bf69c7b6b-m9hhb” is waiting to start: trying and failing to pull image

Please advise.

@paolo_1st check on docker whist using docker command or docker desktop that your server is running or not? 404 means the client (or, “visitor”) was able to locate the server or did you updated the action endpoint which you had mention in docker image or docker-compose image. Thanks.

The problem is solved after switching the docker repo from private to public. However, if i want to switch it to private again, does anyone know how to do it using docker registry?