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Have you built a chatbot with Rasa that is now running in production? We would love to know more about it! Share with us what have you built, what were the biggest challenges when deploying it in production, what feedbac…

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New to Rasa? Check out the guide below on how to get started! Rasa Stack is an open source framework for conversational AI software. It consists of two open source libraries - Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. Start with reading…

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Share the projects you are working on and find collaborators. We would love to hear what you are working on and what project ideas you have. This topic is also a perfect place to share the roadblocks you are facing and …

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Share your ideas for projects or improvements for Rasa Stack! Do you have an interesting idea for a chatbot, a new Rasa Stack feature or a Conversational AI field as a whole? This is the best place to share them and dis…

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Find and share useful learning resources - tutorials, blog posts, papers and other educational content.

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